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Mobile Wallets & NFC

Ready for the Future

Mobile Wallets & NFC

Any Wallet, App or Program

Whatever app, wallet or phone a consumer brings into the store, with Verifone you’re ensured seamless transactions at the point of sale.

Offers and Loyalty

Easily integrate all value-added apps, mobile vouchers, offers, loyalty, promotions and marketing without compromising security.

Future Proof

Verifone solutions are your source for bridging mobile commerce and retail payment. Verifone devices enable NFC acceptance and can be managed at the POS or in the cloud.

Mobile Wallets & NFC

All Mobile Wallets, One Platform

GoogleVerifone enabled 12 of the 14 retailers that launched Google Wallet.
Isis™Verifone is bringing Isis to thousands of checkout lanes.
In-Store Payment Acceptance Verifone enabled 10 of the 12 Tier one retailers that launched PayPal Cloud Wallet
Open to AllVerifone is ready to work with all mobile wallet providers to enable their wallets at merchants.

End-to-End Acceptance Platform

100% ReadyVerifone’s entire product line is NFC-ready, from countertop and unattended to multimedia and portable.
Seamless IntegrationUse our mobile wallet and NFC solutions to integrate all mobile offers, coupons and promotions seamless with your systems.
All Wallets and AppsMerchants can accept all mobile wallets, NFC and cloud-based, in their systems.
ManagementVerifone's mobile wallet and NFC technology software and services help manage the complexities of mobile commerce.