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Verifone is powering the mobile revolution in payments and business.  Retailers and merchants worldwide want to embrace the latest mobile payment technologies to deliver rich, new shopping experiences and create new mobile retailing connections with their consumers. 

Verifone leverages the power of mobile and web with truly innovative mobile point-of-sale solutions. We integrate them with the changing face of retail and payments to bring new shopping and mobile POS payment experiences to consumers everywhere.

  • Increase loyalty and revenue by accepting all leading mobile payment wallets
  • Enhance the customer experience by enabling the sales force with powerful mobile retailing apps
  • Move beyond the counter and accept mobile payment anywhere business takes you 

Going mobile has never been easier or more effective. Provide the "wow" factor for a customer by harnessing the power of smartphones and tablet computers to provide an unforgettable mobile retail experience. Use Verifone's mobile payment solutions to deliver powerful apps that will transform merchant-consumer interactions.


Great for Customers

Use our mobile payment solutions to receive in-store specials or transfer coupons. Earn loyalty rewards and pay with a tap of your mobile phone. Bypass the queue and make your mobile payment at a tablet or smart device that is set up as a mobile point of sale. Verifone is enabling the most sophisticated mobile payment and retail experiences for consumers.

Great for Business

Mobile point-of-sale and retailing solutions give your sales staff the power to easily upsell and cross-sell. Pull up detailed customer history at the swipe of a finger, sign-up customers for loyalty programs and customise promotions. Engage in 2-way communication with a consumer’s mobile phone by accepting the leading mobile payment wallets and making your offers, vouchers and promotions available at their fingertips. Equip every sales person to be a secure mobile payment checkout lane.

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Mobile Wallets and NFC

Help your consumers ditch the leather wallet and accept all leading NFC or cloud-based mobile wallets. Integrate all the mobile retailing promotions, offers and loyalty seamlessly into your systems. Learn More

Mobile Payments

Engage the anywhere consumer with our mobile POS system and accept any form of payment with a mobile device. Avoid walk-outs during busy times. Close sales at remote vendor events or sidewalk sales. Learn More


Retailers are deploying mobile apps to speed up services and transform the customer experience, leveraging secure mobile payment, online catalogs and streamlined inventory management.

- Jennifer Miles
President, Verifone Americas