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What is Ticibox?

TiciBox, a joint venture between Verifone and Vane Systems, is a new player in the South African ticketing market. TiciBox offers voucher sales for all types of value-added services and ticketing – events, flights, pre-paid mobile, accommodation and more. Vouchers can conveniently be purchased from the till point at your local store or convenience shop. Ticibox runs on and is supported by Verifone payment devices, while the dynamic content, products and services offered to the market through the platform are provided by Vane.

How does it work?

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Within the emerging markets environment, a consolidated approach to deployment of infrastructure leads to efficiencies in the management and distribution of content. The Ticibox system does this by bringing together multiple content types through a single platform to enable incremental revenue opportunities at the retail point of sale. The solution benefits all role players within the platform – merchants, suppliers and consumers.

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Ticibox for Suppliers

The TiciBox business model is based on earning a commission on every item sold. TiciBox will provide suppliers with the largest physical, payment device footprint in South Africa, while utilizing state of the art online and mobile technologies to further assist in connecting customers with the content they desire.

  • Extensive portfolio
  • Geo-targeting
  • Secure, reliable hosting
  • Seamless integration

Ticibox for Merchants

Ticibox allows retailers to provide their customers with new products and attract new customers by offering products none of their competitors have. This is achieved at no cost to the retailer and with little admin and training.

  • New sales revenue
  • More throughput
  • Easy turnkey solution
  • Self-service ticket sales
  • Simple reconciliation and settlement

Ticibox for Consumers

Ticibox allows consumers to purchase a range of tickets or vouchers in the most convenient way possible. Ticibox offers multiple payment types and provides instant fulfillment.

  • Easy and quick access
  • Self-service convenience
  • Reduced queues
  • Accepts cards and cash