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Added Value at the POS

Seamless Integration Services

Pretium POS

Pretium POS is one in a range of software acquiring solutions. Pretium POS enables the processing of Value-Added Services (VAS) to allow POS operators to sell, redeem or enquire about multiple VAS products like airtime, cash vouchers and electricity.

Flexible controls provide flexible access rights.

Cash and card based payments are supported. Card transactions are processed through seamless integration between Pretium POS and Expendo resulting in the end user performing a single transaction processed by two applications.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting facilitates full audit control and reconciliation requirements.

Device Specific

Pretium POS runs on Verifone devices that support printing and external communications:

  • Vx810 Duet
  • Vx670
  • Vx520 CNTLS GPRS
  • Vx670
  • Vx680 GPRS
  • Vx820 Duet