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POS Estate Management Tool

Alieno is an estate management system that performs software and configuration maintenance remotely, thereby significantly reducing costs and improving customer service.

Alieno’s features are built into separate modules which can be individually selected by the POS estate owner as needed in order to meet varying POS estate management requirements within different environments.

The POS estate owner is under constant pressure to ensure that industry mandated requirements and standards are distributed timeously to the POS estate in order to maximise the benefit of enhanced features and to avoid possible penalties for non-compliance. Realistically this can only be achieved when remote software management capability exists. Alieno enables the POS estate owner to ensure that all POS devices in the estate are updated timeously and run on a uniform version of software.

Flexibility & Targeting

Alieno’s Remote Software Management Module manages and downloads multiple POS applications to the POS device. The Module provides complete flexibility in the selection of a target segment and the scheduling of time for the actual download.

Logical Configuration

Alieno’s four level hierarchy groups Merchant and Terminal data into predefined logical groups, providing the POS estate owner with a quick and easy interface to find, view and report on related information. 

Customised Reporting

Alieno provides a user-friendly search function allowing the POS estate owner to find multidimensional information in the system relating to a POS device. The search result is downloaded as a report and distributed to configured recipients. Reports required on a regular basis can be scheduled to a configured frequency and distribution list.