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Unattended Card Payment Devices

UX 300

Dependability Meets Durability

Like your most dependable employee, the UX 300 card reader/controller is an asset you can count on. This versatile self-service solution provides secure and reliable transactions for vending machines, public transportation and other unattended, high-transaction-volume environments.

The UX 300 reads most bank cards, EMV smart cards and mag-stripe cards, and can work alone or with any of the UX Series PIN pad options to add additional functionality and flexibility to every self-service environment.

Beyond transactions, the UX 300 supports MDB functionality to help you collect data and make strategic marketing decisions. And its communication options are managed via flexible interface options, including Board PSN, ISDN, MDB, serial and USB. 

Key Benefits:

Waterproof and Vandal Proof

Tamper-resistant design features anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand exceptionally high impact. And its weatherproof enclosure delivers highest-level protection against the elements.

Complete Security

The UX 300 comes with the latest PCI 3.X security standard certification, meets international security requirements such as EMV Level 1 and Level 2 and fulfills local security schemes like DK, TA7 or CC evaluation.

Consumer Friendly

The UX 300 features a powerful controller for maximum transaction speed. And a proven hybrid card reader technology to ensure easy customer guidance. It’s also compatible with many point-of-sale host protocols, such as ESAI, iECR, ZVT, XPI, VIPA and more.