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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 925

Elegant Multimedia Powerhouse

The MX 925 helps influence consumers' buying decisions through multimedia promotions thanks to its stunning 7" WVGA color display - the largest and highest-resolution display in the industry. Merchants can dazzle customers with targeted video and promotional presentations designed to inform them of the latest products and offers.  

The ARM11, 32-bit powerful processor, coupled with a graphic processor and generous memory allocation supports full studio showcase promotions and video advertisements to help boost sales and the level of service. The MX 925 engages consumers with streamed media and visual promotions to encourage customer  interaction, support loyalty and promotional programs and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction and revenue. 

Key Benefits:

Attention-Grabbing Design

A 7" color screen area, the largest in the industry, efficiently accommodates optional signature capture along with scrolling account activity, branding and promotional offers.

Opportunities Beyond Payment

Delivers outstanding revenue opportunities by securely supporting payment as well as highly-profitable, next-generation, value-added services.

Total Multimedia Solution

Ideal platform for a variety of value-added services, such as administrating loyalty schemes, gift card issuance and top-up services.