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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 915

Maximum Performance, Minimal Space

The MX 915 is designed to engage consumers in new ways with its full motion video display and slim, space-saving design. It captures consumers’ attention without adding to lane or countertop clutter.

The MX 915 delivers a rich media experience with a clear, 4.3" color display, high-speed processor and generous memory. This elegantly designed, sleek and space-saving unit supports full motion video – driving new revenue opportunities while enhancing customer interaction. It is NFC-enabled to capitalize on the coming wave of smartphone transactions, in addition to supporting EMV-approved chip and PIN payments. It’s a smaller, complete media solution package that easily captures the attention of consumers.

Key Benefits:

Consumer-friendly Design

Colorful display designed to bring customer messaging, advertising and video campaigns to life. Clean lines and modern, sleek design make a powerful statement – at the point of sale, in the lane or on a countertop.

Functionality & Flexibility

NFC/contactless support quickly captures new markets as they evolve. Integrated, tactile, backlit keypad speeds customers through lanes while reducing errors.

Complete Multimedia Solution

Ideal platform for a variety of value-added services such as administrating loyalty schemes, gift card issuance and top-up services.