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Transportation Fare Payment

Rugged, Customisable Payment Solutions for Any Environment

Reduce Operational Costs while Increasing Commuter Convenience

Gone are the days of having to collect fares or issue cards and tokens to long queues of travellers. We enable modern, PCI compliant, open payments for your customers.

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating fare issuance and enabling fleet tracking data. Improve commuter experience with real-time transit status and convenient transactions. Our customisable and scalable solutions enable transportation and transit operations to travel at the speed of technology.

  • Provide convenience and advanced payment options like NFC, mobile wallets and EMV
  • Securely accept multiple forms of payment and reduce PCI compliance scope
  • Improve operational efficiencies including fleet tracking and elimination of fare issuance

The advent of new technology such as NFC-capable mobile phones, coupled with smart, NFC-ready payment devices, brings payment to new ground. Commuters can enjoy the ease of simply swiping their card or tapping their mobile wallet right at the point of service.

Our solutions support end-to-end encryption and tokenisation. This eliminates cardholder data from point-of-sale applications and networks, reducing your PCI scope. Fleet tracking capabilities enable you to share transit status in real-time with passengers while enabling your operations team to access and track data for trending, resource planning and management.

From improving transaction efficiency, to enhancing the overall customer experience and reducing PCI scope, we offer transit POS solutions to fit your specific business needs.


Create a Convenient Fare Payment System

Transform your fare collection process for train or bus terminals, ferry terminals, subway systems, and parking systems. Securely accept multiple forms of payment while streamlining operational logistics.

Encourage Increased Commutership

Increase transaction volume by eliminating the need to carry small denominations of currency just for fares while eliminating long queues. Your passengers get increased convenience; you get increased transactions.

Improve POS Security with Less On-Premise Cash

Decreasing or eliminating the cash carried by operators reduces concerns about balancing cash drawers, theft, safety of personnel and commuters, and other risk-management issues.

Improve Fare Enforcement with Mobile Ticketing

Fast, mobile and secure payment solutions enable customers to simply tap, swipe or wave to pay. Reduce the temptation for rushed commuters to hop turnstiles because they lack the proper ticket or coinage.


Verifone’s mobile payment solution provides us with another important modernization tool in our efforts to innovate Austrian train service. We’ll be able to provide speedy and convenient on-board ticketing and without the convenience fees that travelers are accustomed to.

- Stefan Wehinger
CEO, founder and co-owner, WESTbahn