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Taxi POS

Revolutionising Taxi Payment Solutions

Taxi Payment, Conveniently and Safely

Verifone's taxi payment solutions are proven in some of the most demanding transportation markets around the world. From London, South Africa and Turkey to New York, Boston, Chicago and more, our solutions provide convenience, speed and security to taxi drivers, fleet managers and passengers.

  • Secure payment acceptance and less cash on-hand
  • No cash stops or fumbling for change; accept credit cards or contactless tap-and-pay
  • Quick transactions improve the passenger experience
  • Increased revenue opportunities including advertising and tipping functionality

Verifone brings more than three decades of experience in secure payments to this industry. Our taxi payment solutions offer safe and secure methods of accepting card payments.

We carry a range of solutions customisable for the needs of your taxi business, regardless of size or location - from basic taxi POS systems to complex integrated solutions including media and advertising opportunities. We work with local authorities to ensure our systems adhere to their requirements and security guidelines.




Drivers with less cash on-hand give thieves less opportunity. Encrypted transactions protect rider card data.

Drivers Receive Payment Quickly

Taxi drivers are pleased with getting their money quickly and safely.

Accept Longer Fares

Fares paying by credit card are often on longer trips, meaning larger fares and tips for drivers.

Passengers Carry Less Cash

Customers feel safer when carrying less cash.

Current Payment Systems are Appreciated

Locals, tourists and travelers will enjoy taxi POS payment options including credit cards and in-taxi entertainment and media.

Easy to Use

Customers simply tap, swipe or wave for secure payment. The taxi payment system even suggests tip amounts.