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Restaurants & Hospitality

Convenient and Secure Payment Solutions

Enhance Customer Experience and Convenience

Customers have come to expect convenient, reliable and secure payment choices in hospitality environments like restaurants, bars and hotels. A seamless pay experience forms an integral part of customer service in venue based settings. The unique requirements of the hospitality industry demand robust, wireless payment solutions that can withstand daily knocks, spills and constant handling. Solutions that provide total payment flexibility for end-to-end customised systems.

As the number and type of transactions increase, so too does concern over security, accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions enable efficient management of varied touch points throughout.

  • Convenience and mobility are key to enhancing customer experience
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Full NFC and EMV support
  • Consolidated reporting and management of multiple payment solutions

Verifone's customer-facing payment solutions for restaurant and hospitality take you out of the costly payment security compliance business to stay focused on the business of providing great service to your customers. By bundling hardware, software, gateway services, encryption, estate management, value adds and professional services into one cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution you'll enjoy enhanced efficiency and reporting capabilities.


Payment Solutions

From multimedia systems at quick-service restaurants to pay-at-the-table mobile solutions, you’ll provide customers with an enhanced and convenient experience.

Managed Payment Services and Gateways

Reduce the administrative burden for your business. Estate management and payment gateways can be bundled for a cost-effective solution.

Support Services

Enjoy a variety of programs and services that bundle hardware, software, security and services into one cost-effective, secure and easy-to-budget solution.


Provide the ultimate in convenience by accepting emerging forms of payment. Be ready for EMV, and accept NFC and other contactless payments.


We were looking for payments and security expertise, and Verifone provided the knowledge and technology to support our efforts

- Pablo Corona
Arcos Dorados Systems Director
South Division of Latin America