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Multi-lane retail

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Retail Point of Sale is Now the Point of Interaction

Retail payment technology is evolving apace. With the convergence of mobile wallets, social media, and multimedia at the point of sale creating a true point of interaction with customers. Get to know your customers better than ever before via check-ins, loyalty, and rewards.

Our solutions are geared towards helping you take advantage of the latest multi-channel, mobile and alternative payment methods, while preparing for prospective opportunities.

  • Accept any form of payment anywhere, anytime
  • Highest levels of payment security that meet or exceed latest standards
  • Create new ways to expand your business
  • Flexible solutions to meet your needs regardless of the size, scope or type of your retail business

Integrating payment technology into fixed POS systems and back-end ERP/CRM operations is essential in today's fast-paced, data-driven retail environment. We help the world's largest (and smallest) retailers implement payment, security, mobile, and multimedia solutions that drive real business to the bottom line.

Stay competitive and expand your brand's image with the latest in retailing and mobile POS software and services. Delight your customers with a memorable shopping experience that leverages cloud-based data in your ERP/CRM systems and your website. All delivered with the highest levels of card data security Verifone is known for.


Add New mWallet and Loyalty Programs

New payment schemes and mobile wallets are launching daily. We enable acceptance at the POS for you without the headache. Learn More

Making it Quick and Easy at the POS

Enabling customers to pay their way efficiently provides them with a positive experience. For you, it keeps lines moving and keeps customers happy.

What’s Next: NFC and EMV

Two acronyms that retailers are hearing a lot about. Google, Isis, PayPal and more. Our experts help you make sense of it all, and explain how to leverage these payment methods to your advantage.

Tablets and Mobile POS

Engage your customers in the aisle and deliver the best experience possible with mobile and tablet-based POS. Go completely mobile or easily add on to your existing POS system. Learn More

Security is Always Important

Preserving the trust your customers have in your brand is critical, and a breach could cost you millions. We can help you significantly reduce PCI DDS scope and gain control over your payment infrastructure. Learn More

Videos and Custom Content at the POS

Our cloud-based management systems connectivity and full color screens turn the point of sale into a point of interaction with coupons, offers, social media, and more.


Our culture understands the adoption of retail technology and our experience in payments and payment systems make us uniquely positioned to deliver on the mobile commerce promise.

- David Talach
VP, Strategic Partner Development