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The UK’s largest specialist retailer of quality chocolate and confectionery chooses Verifone’s Vx 810 as part of their new integrated payment system.

  • Profile: Thorntons
  • Business Focus: Retail
  • Headquarters: UK


Payment System Upgrade for Leading UK Confectioner


During peak sales periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day,Thorntons is exceptionally busy. To increase throughput and reduce queues,Thorntons realised their non-integrated payment solution and ageing hardware estate needed a refresh. Because of the non-integrated PIN pad and POS set-up, double-keying of transaction amounts by staff was required - slowing transaction speed and creating possible errors.Thorntons also needed to upgrade their estate to comply with the latest PCI DSS standards to ensure cardholder data remained safe and secure. 


Working with Verifone and other partners, Thorntons decided on the Vx 810 PIN pad integrated with the Torex Retail POS application based on a Toshiba POS platform. Verifone and Torex worked together to ensure the Vx 810 and the Retail POS worked seamlessly and achieved accreditation withThornton's acquiring bank. 


With their integrated payment solution, Thorntons is experiencing 50% faster transaction times, resulting in happier customers and increased brand loyalty. With the elimination of the need for double-keying, banking discrepancies are reduced, making reconciliation and reporting easier. And by being compliant with the latest PCI DSS standards, Thorntons can rest assured they are meeting industry best practices with regard to customer data security.