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Rowlands Pharmacy


Rowlands needed a future proof, IP-enabled payments solution to reduce back-end complexity, speed service and enhance the customer experience.

  • Profile: Rowlands Pharmacy
  • Business Focus: Retail
  • Headquarters: UK

Rowlands Pharmacy

Multi-Channel Retail Evolution


Rowlands is the UK’s third largest pharmacy chain comprising over 500 local community pharmacies, offering a wide variety of testing and advisory services as well as an extensive product range.  This and the growing volume of prescriptions, created a challenge for pharmacists and retail staff who were striving to keep queues down while still being able to offer personal service and advice. 

To speed the transaction process, it became clear that Rowlands required a new in-house payment solution that was future proof - enabling contactless payments, ensuring compliance with the latest security standards and delivering enhanced connectivity. A specific challenge was future integration with the company’s new RX pharmacy management system which will provide advanced, IP-based, supply chain management and drug referencing and also monitors sales, keeps track of stock levels and ensures automatic re-ordering. 


The Vx 810 DUET offers flexible connectivity, including Ethernet, USB, serial ports and - crucially for Rowlands - IP. It therefore integrated easily with Rowlands RX pharmacy management system, reducing complexity between front of house payments and back of house supply chain management. 

As with all UK retailers, working towards PCI compliance is a necessary requirement for Rowlands. The Vx 810 DUET is PCI PED approved to ensure secure PIN-based transactions. 

Finally, the Vx 810 DUET includes a Secure Digital IO (SDIO) expansion port which allowed Rowlands Pharmacy to deliver contactless capabilities with ease as its business needs dictated. 


Since the introduction, customers and staff have benefited from the Vx 810’s dual-user handover functionality which has speeded payments, reduced queues and increased ease of use: ultimately improving the customer experience right at the point of sale.