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Anglia Co-Operative


With a broad store portfolio and disparate systems, ARCS required a pragmatic, cost-effective route to ensure optimum integration and work towards PCI compliance.

  • Anglia Co-Operative Case Study: Anglia Co-Operative
  • Business Focus: Retail
  • Headquarters: UK

Anglia Co-Operative

Large Retail Group Achieves PCI Compliance with Verifone's Integrated Solutions


 An annual turnover of £300 million and over 100 stores makes Anglia Co-operative (ARCS) the 6th largest retail Society in the UK. With 3,700 employees operating in food, department and furnishings stores, funeral services and travel, Anglia Co-operative’s diverse operations present a major challenge for the in-house IT team responsible for maintaining operations. 

Part of the challenge for Verifone was handling Anglia Co-operative’s large store base.  It involved many locations, with different platforms and systems. Consequently, customer card details were held at various points across several networks. 


During 2009, a key issue was how to tackle PCI compliance. Verifone was tasked to design, manage and implement a total integrated solution using PAYware Merchant, Verifone’s payment authorisation and settlement solution; PAYware Link, POS integration middleware and the Vx 810 PIN pad

Run from a dedicated server hosted by a communications company, the Verifone solution enables Anglia Co-operative to implement a global payment strategy by removing the complexity of payment integration and transaction management in a POS system. 

PAYware Link provides a single, global interface for payments and also shelters ARCS from fragmented industry security standards and certification requirements. With a simple POS interface based on an open XML standard, PAYware Link manages all payment devices, software, and services to create a consolidated transaction processing environment. 


With Verifone, Anglia Co-operative is well on the way to a PCI solution that delivers value for the business across all channels. It has provided a cost effective route to solve the challenges of compliance that many retailers have to deal with. It has also helped to safeguard ARCS against future expenses, by providing a flexible payments platform for new services.