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Mamas & Papas


Nationwide UK deployment following extensive multi-channel trials at popular boutique baby retailer.

  • Profile: Mamas & Papas
  • Business Focus: Retail
  • Headquarters: UK

Mamas & Papas


As a long-term customer of Verifone using the Smart 5000 payment device across its 50+ stores in the UK, Mamas & Papas embarked on a new multi-channel retail strategy with both brick-and-mortar stores and telephone call centres nationwide. 

To streamline operations, Mamas & Papas turned to Verifone with their upgrade requirements, which included PCI compliance and tokenisation. The main goal was to integrate both store and telephone sales into a single system architecture.


To complete their payments upgrade, Mamas & Papas opted for the latest version of Verifone’s PAYware Merchant authorisation and settlement solution, PAYware Link middleware and the Vx 810 PIN pad

The use of tokenisation means that individual merchandise item is now given a unique payment transaction token, which is printed on the customer receipt. So, if products have to be returned, call centre staff will not need to capture any card information, they will simply process refunds through PAYware’s transaction tokenisation, keeping cardholder data safe and secure. 


The PAYware Merchant architecture equates to simplified payments systems management for Mamas & Papas, whilst maintaining high levels of availability. A central PAYware Merchant payment server is leveraged, with store-level integration and resilience provided via PAYware Link and “store and forward” capability. 

New store deployment will be quicker and easier, as it will be simple to upgrade PIN pads in the future and will take less work to integrate payments to the PoS system. Of course, this new Verifone software and hardware all contributes strongly to making the Mamas & Papas PCI compliance journey a smoother ride. As part of a multi-channel strategy, all stores nationwide will also now use Verifone PAYware Link for communications direct to the bespoke in-house PoS network.